Soil Not Dirt Local Organic Compost

60% alfalfa & grass hay, 15% cow manure, 10% sheep manure,

10% deciduous wood shavings and 5% clay

$85 / cubic yard picked up at the store 

 *delivery offered to most of Delta, Montrose, Gunnison

and Mesa Counties and the Roaring Fork Valley

vist for pricing delivered to your area  

Every-Day Low Price

$21.96/bale (3.8 cf compressed)​​

Every-Day Low Price

$41.69/bale OR $​1130.70/pallet

3.8 cf bales (30/pallet) 


 $15.69/bag OR $1101.75/pallet

1.5 cf bags (75/pallet=~4 yds)

 Spring Sale Price

$12.69/bag​​ OR $470/pallet

​2 cf bags (40/pallet)

Bu's Blend Malibu Compost

$18.96 / bag (1cf)

​Pro~Mix Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix

$13.69 / bag (2cf)


​2 cf bags

Every-Day Low Price

$15.69 / bag OR $1101.75/pallet

30 lb bags (75/pallet)​​

​Oly Mountain Fish Compost

$14.76 / bag (1cf)

Oceanic Hydrolysate
OMRI and CDFA certified
$16.69 / gallon
$65 / 5 gallon jug
$2,069 / 265 gallon tote

​Also available with BioChar

Every-Day Low Price

$12.69 / bag (1/2 cf)

 Earth Friendly

Super Soil Blends

 * Organic Peat-based     

 * Small Batch by the Yard

 Or buy the "ingredients" from us and let us mix your custom recipe for a $30-$40/yard mixing fee 

NutriGrow Organic Non-GMO

Chicken Manure (4-4-3)

Pellet/Crumb $15.69 / 25# bag